International Workshop

 Bordered places | Bounded times

Reflexive approaches to understanding societies

Interdisciplinary perspectives on Turkey from Archaeology, Anthropology, History and Political Science


Ankara, 4 & 5 June 2013 @ METU | Culture & Convention Centre



Kerem Öktem, University of Oxford.

Ayşe Parla, Sabancı University

Susan Sherratt, University of  Sheffield


Boundaries are a powerful defining feature in human society, they can separate, unite and catalyze change, they are an area of conflict, of friendship and of trade. Theorizing the role of borders, both in the past and present, and understanding the role that they played and continue to play in the construction of social identity is important across a wide range of academic disciplines. At the same time, borders and boundaries can shape the field of scholarly work and research. They can appear as disciplinary divisions, separating spheres of expertise but also enabling innovative exchange and cooperation. Borders can also be time-related, representing the dilemmas arising from the distance between the ‘text’ and the ‘field’, between our object of study and our representations of it. Through this workshop we are encouraging interdisciplinary, mutually beneficial dialogue with a broad perspective on border and boundary studies with a special focus on Turkey.


Organised by the British Institute at Ankara (BIAA)


Dr. Emma Baysal & Dr. Leonidas Karakatsanis

In collaboration with:

METU | Graduate school of Social Sciences |  Settlement Archaeology

LOGO HAND plus METU A4 page



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