Workshop Programme



Tuesday 4 June 2013

Panel 1: Bir varmış bir yokmuş: negotiated narratives

Chair | Stephen Mitchell, British Institute at Ankara

Leticia R.R Hinojosa, University of  Texas at Austin, Department of Art and Art History | Borderless: Archaic – East Greek Art and Cultural Interchange in Ionia and Western Anatolia: A Case Study

Maja Muhic, South East European University,  Tetovo  | The Turks in Macedonia: Memory, Space and Representation

Duygu Gül,  York University, Toronto, Canada | Redrawing Temporal Boundaries: Trauma, Memory, and Justice in Turkey

Çiğdem Atakuman, Middle East Technical University, Ankara | Boundaries and Borders of the Past in the Narratives of the Neolithic Period in Turkey


Panel 2: Bodies cross borders Differently

Chair | Kerem Oktem, university of  Oxford 

Özge Dilaver Kalkan, BIAA, Ankara | Between Istanbul and Thessaloniki: Mobility Across Borders of Balkanisation

Ali Huseyinoglu, Universtiy of Sussex  | Living as the ‘other’: Implication of the Greek-Turkish border for the Muslim Turkish minority of Western Thrace in Greece

Souad Osseiran, Goldsmiths College, University of London | A ‘Guest’ in Turkey; Syrian Migrants in Istanbul, Legality and the Limits of Hospitality

Nikolai Vukov, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences | Borders: Permeability, Social Practices, and Borderline Identities. Perspectives from the Bulgarian-Turkish Border since mid-20th century


Panel 3: Finding the edges: interpreting faint traces

Chair | Lutgarde Vandeput, The British Institute at Ankara

Frederic Dessène & Yves Monette, University Laval | Wares production, archaeometry, potters know-how, regionalization and border? How to deal with in a pluridisciplinary perspective?”

Anna Chrzanowska, Johannes Gutenberg-Universitat, Mainz | Fortified Cities, High Rocky Mountains, Steep Places. What do We Know About the Border Between the Hittite State and the Country of Azzi Ḫayaša?

Elif Koparal, Hitit University, Çorum | Frontiers of Polis: Defining the Borders of Klazomenai

Konstantinos Kopanias, University of Athens | An Attempt to Define the Ubaid and its Cultural Borders in Northeastern Mesopotamia


Panel 4: Tangled layers / shifting attachments

 Chair | Ayşe Parla, Sabanci University

Alice von Bieberstein, University of Cambridge | Beziehungsgeschichte: relating histories across the border

Eirini Avramopoloulou, University of Cambridge | Thinking through the affective registers of borders: Reflecting on a letter.

Leonidas Karakatsanis, BIAA, Ankara | Differing borders, borders deferred: Spatial and political affinities at the Aegean coasts

Marc Herzog, BIAA, Ankara | Crossing back and forth: Identity and belonging across and beyond bordered worlds in the movies of Fatih Akin



Wednedsay 5 June, 2013


Panel 5: On close encounters: imagining the ‘other’

Chair | Elif Denel, American Research Institute in Turkey

Julia Linke, Albert-Ludwigs-Universitat Freiburg | A View over High Mountains: The Assyrian Perception of the Urartians and their Kings

Elif Keser-Kayaalp, Mardin Artuklu University | In Between: Northern Mesopotamia in Late Antiquity

Abby Robinson, BIAA, Ankara | Arabic and Christian historiography of the early Islamic conquests

Richard Dietrich, Middle East Technical University, Department of History | Digenēs Akritēs and the Battālnāme: The Muslim-Christian Frontier in Eastern Anatolia


Panel 6: On close encounters: influencing the ‘other’

Lale Özgenel, Middle East Technical University

Çiğdem Maner, Koç University Istanbul | Society/Civilization Follows From? Impacts on Architecture in Late Bronze Age Anatolia

David Hill, University of Oslo  | Fuzzy borders and no man’s land. Regulating inter-regional relations in Ionia and Central West Anatolia from the Archaic to the Hellenistic Period.

Jesper Majbom Madsen, University of Southern Denmark| The coming of Rome and the re-definition of cultural and ethnical boundaries in northern Anatolia

Panel 7: Inside, outside / in-between

Chair | Susan Sherratt, University of  Sheffield

Emma Baysal, BIAA, Ankara | Dynamic and deconstructed: Material cultural boundaries and theorizing the exchange of ideas in Neolithic Anatolia   

Ömür Harmanşah, Brown University | Monuments and Borders in the Anatolian Countryside: Empire, Place and Politics during the Late Bronze Age

Carol Delaney, Stanford University | At the boundaries of the body, the house, the village, and the nation


Round table: Bridging divides

Chair | Marc Herzog, The British Institute at Ankara

Kerem Öktem, University of Oxford.

Ayşe Parla, Sabancı University

Susan Sherratt, University of  Sheffield



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